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North Devon Journal Index

We hold several indices to the North Devon Journal.

The Subject and Surname Index

The largest index is the subject card index which covers the years 1824, 1850 to 1852, 1854-1895 With a separate surname index covering the same years. The Subject index was created through a Manpower Services Commission project in the 1980s and has been added to over the years. The surname index was created later on using the original index. Both the subject and surname index are available on request.

Birth Marriage and Death Notices Index

We also have an index to the notices of Births, Marriages and Deaths listed within the North Devon Journal. The index come in various formats depending on the year and has been worked on by some of our volunteers. They cover the years 1824 to 1851, 1854 to 1857, 1868 to 1882, 1884 to 1949. Many of them are on CD or in list form, the others are on a card index and all are in alphabetical order.

Image Catalogue

The Glass Negative and Film Negative Images which have been digitised and catalogued can be found on our online catalogue alongside low resolution images of each one.

Indexes to the North Devon Journals are being expanded all the time, so please ask if there have been any recent additions.

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