Privacy Policy

We do not retain any information collected via our web site. We give notice that Google Analytics are in use on this site, this operates via a cookie placed to identify your computer/SmartPhone/Tablet as a site visitor. The information available to ourselves is as provided by Google as their default settings excepting that we have adjusted the time by which your device is identified as a 'new' visitor rather than a 'returning' visitor to be a period of c.2 months. We reserve the right to adjust this time as is necessary to improve the visitor experience. The information we get via Google Analytics contains the time of a visit, the search term (where used) the overall number of pages viewed and misc. information of the type of device in use i.e. if computer or mobile and your country and the city of your ISP. We do not retain this information off the Google providing server and it is not passed or used by any third party within our control. Please note that the operation of Google Analytics and the information they provide is outside our controls as a registered user and we therefore do not accept responsibility for their product or service. If you feel their service is intrusive you can disable Cookies on most devices within the 'options' settings or if we gather sufficient complaints regarding the Google service we will revise our use of the service if it is felt necessary. Our own ISP provide a setting for visitor logs but this is not subscribed too and we do not access this information (this information is similar to that gathered by Google in both their Analytics and their search provisions.

Information collected from Emails is retained for administration purposes and will never be passed to a third party without permission. We do not undertake bulk mailings preferring to treat our visitors as individuals. No Email information is stored on our Internet Servers. We comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 in regard to any information you give us.